[Ansteorra] Questions about crowns and crown tournaments

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I thought that when Hector was consort it was still called Queens Champion.  I 
may be wrong.  I wasn't around then.  Please correct me if I am wrong.  

My only point was really that there is already a male Rose.  I don't see a 
problem with having others.  Or having other women who win Crown in their own 
right.  And to say that I didn't think it would *have* to be renamed.  I'm not a 
member of the rapier community so I really don't have a horse in this race.  

So when Rowan won, did she have a chiv fighter as her champion or a rapier 
fighter?  Like I said it was before my time.  I just always thought it was cool 
that we had a Queen who won in her own right.

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It certainly won't be if *I* have anything to say about it. If there's a Queen, 
we'll have a Queen's Champion tournament (unless Her Majesty specifically 
requests that it not happen.) It doesn't matter if the Queen is Consort, or 
Sovereign, she still gets her tourney.

If we end up with two guys on the throne, then it gets interesting. We might 
have a Consort's Champion tournament, we might not; it would depend a lot on the 
wishes of the folks on the throne.

        -Tivar Moondragon

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