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One quick point here that I have not seen raised so far.  Corpora says that the winner of the Crown list is the "Sovereign" and the consort is just that "Consort".  Together they are defined as the" Royalty".  The only place in Corpora that this makes a difference is  

IV. C. 9. The Sovereign supervises combat on the field of honor.

Otherwise Corpora allows Kingdoms to set the powers of each (up to co-rulers) locally.


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Of course this brings up the interesting question of what might happen should we have a Queen/Queen reign. :)  (Naturally, how their Champions are selected will be up to them, but ...)  Would there be 2 tournaments, one for each Sovereign?  Or a single tournament, with the winner being both Champions?  Not quite the same as we currently dedicate the event to the Queen.

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> Most other kingdoms have some kind of Queen's Champion--sometimes it's 
> the person who came in second in Crown Tourney, sometimes it's someone 
> the Queen picks, some kingdoms have a King's and Queen's armored 
> and/or rapier champion--but nobody else dedicates an entire event to 
> the pleasure of Her Majesty.

>          -Tivar Moondragon

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