[Ansteorra] Answers about crowns and crown tournaments

Chris Zakes dontivar at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 19:14:27 PDT 2012

At 08:54 PM 7/20/2012, you wrote:

>So if this (same sex consorts) goes through, then the rapier 
>community can then request that every other Crown Tourney be held as 
>a rapier tourney, that way rapier fighters could be King or Queen, 
>right? Seems fair!! Why should the Crown be restricted to only heavy 
>fighters? Seems a bit biased. If we can have a King and King or a 
>Queen and a Queen, then let's be fair all the way around and give 
>rapier folks a chance to reign.

That would require changing Corpora, and would probably be an even 
bigger and more acrimonious brouhaha than the current discussion. 
(Maybe not so much in Ansteorra, but SCA-wide? Trust me, it'd get 
real ugly real fast.)

Besides, if we *did* change the rules so that every other Crown was a 
rapier tourney, then the archers, thrown weapons folks and siege 
engineers would want a piece of the action, too. And once that 
happened, then the A&S folks would be saying "What about us?"

I'm emphatically *not* interested in having rapier-crowns; I think 
that's an even worse idea than the proposed peerage for rapier. 
(Although I think it *would* be cool if two competitors in Crown--who 
were authorized in both equestrian and armored combatant--fought 
their first round as a joust, their second round mounted 
sword-on-sword and the tiebreaker, if needed, as "regular" armored combat.)

         -Tivar Moondragon 

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