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I am afraid that the research will not yield the cultural truth
  The Ansteorra Queen is an equal to the King. We have that tradition going back to the first Prince and Princess where Sir Sean Crowned his Princess and The Princess of Ansteorra crowned the Prince.
As part of the creation of this tradition and as Ansteorra first queen I have been contacted by many Countess and Duchess and informed that in reality their kingdoms did not practice this custom. 
I like to thank them but while we tell everyone that is what we hope for it isn't always true
We have had Queens in Ansteorra give away their rights by swearing fealty to the King and agreeing to follow his will.
Also we have had pairs that made it clear that the queen was not  equal by not allowing her to take the fealty of the Knights. 
Ansteorrans are keen on symbolism and when that happens they usually treat the Queen as having little or no power.
We have had Kings who do not honor the word of the Queen and therefore she is stripped of power.
Before the Corpora changed it wording the Consorts power was defined by kingdom law and custom. For example, in old Atenveldt, the Queen could not speak for the King unless she had a signed and notarize letter from the King and it was only good for the event named. 
Old Atenveldt didn't have any requirements for Queen. They required the king to swear to the kingdom but didn't require anything out of the Queen. Someday I will tell you a story of how I got them to demand that I as Queen swear the same oath as the King. 
The men of Ansteorra have always supported the women and going back to the day before we were a Principality made sure that the Princess and Queens were given a equal place. Sir Sean for his Lady Katerina and Duke Jonathan for me. But it wasn't just the Princes and Kings it has been all of our gentlemen.  I could tell you examples after examples but I am tired and must quit. 
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