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Mon Jul 23 14:22:57 PDT 2012

At 08:49 AM 7/21/2012, you wrote:
>One minor clarification. Here in Ansteorra the King and Queen rule 
>equally. This is our tradition and custom. Our monarchs can act 
>together or they can act separately. As far as I know there are no 
>powers reserved strictly to the Ruler by Right of Arms (though it 
>may by now be unwritten tradition that this individual creates 
>members of the Chivalry... much as the Queen always has the pivotal 
>role in creating members of the Order of the White Scarf).
>It is my understanding - though purely through heresay, because it 
>has never interested me enough to prompt any amount of research on 
>my part - that this is type of unilateral power is not the case in 
>every kingdom.
>Kat MacLochlainn

I could easily believe that is how it works in some kingdoms. When 
you hear the herald announce the court of "Sir Stickjock, King by 
right of arms, and Fluffbunny, his Queen" that certainly sounds like 
they don't have equal standing.

         -Tivar Moondragon

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