[Ansteorra] Same Sex Consorts‏/ change?

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>greetings but weren't these same arguments used when females 1st 
>wanted to become fighters / knights / queen by right of arms ?? I 
>remember hearing that there was a lot of controversy over that as 
>well. did that mundane issue require a lawsuit being filed before it 
>was accepted ?? were there a lot of hard feelings involved ?? or did 
>I hear incorrectly , and the society and the chiv thought it was a 
>great idea , late in arriving , and demand that it be allowed immediately ??

Allowing women fighters started shortly before I joined in AS 10. 
I've read stories of the first time women were allowed to fight at 
Pennsic; IIRC, male fighters who thought it was unchivalrous  to 
strike a woman wore yellow sashes so the ladies would know not to try 
to fight them. I also remember Mistress Janet of House Morningstar, 
who was a fighter, and a major advocate for other women fighters in 
the part of Atenveldt that eventually became Ansteora.

There was definitely a lot of pushback from some people who--as I 
said--thought it was unchivalrous to hit a woman, or who followed the 
popular belief  that there weren't any women who fought in history. 
Other people were more open-minded on the subject. I don't *think* a 
lawsuit was required, just a lot of persuasion, plus research 
demonstrating that women *did* sometimes fight in our time period. 
(Gee, kind of like the curent question. <G>)

         -Tivar Moondragon

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