[Ansteorra] Remembering Harold

R. Culver captbigdamnhero at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 10:34:51 PDT 2012

 Sorry I did not have the time for a new one this year, but here is a
repost of my short ode to Harold Godwinson, on this anniversary of HAstings
and his death in 1066. Feel free to use and share with credit made.

Wihtric hlafard Wihtmunding se anhoga, leornere Cynrices lareowes

EALA ansteorraland, eadig and micel,

hiere and heorcnie ymb harold cyning,

wiþ denum gefeaht, wiþ norðmannum forðgan.

cynehlaford þa dene cwellode þa cwice suð gegan.

comon wilhelm and flota, cynehelm to gewinnanne.

wærloga was harold hatan, westseaxna cynn bismerede.

husceorlas mid hildebordas æt hæstingaceastre plegedon.

fyrd gefeaht and fela norðmen gesloh.

eac æþele hlafard, ænglandes cyning feoll,

Isenscot on eagan fleag, ealle wearþ gelosede.

banhus his saweleas, bearn Godwines dead.

heriaþ we on þissum dæge Harold cyning,

weard ængelcynnes, wealdend rihtfulla.

lange libbe ænglaland! lange libbe ansteorraland!

Lo Ansteorra, noble and mighty,
hear and harken about King Harold,
who against the Danes fought, against the Normans died.
Royal-lord quelled the Danes, then quickly went south.
Came William and the fleet, crown to win.
Oathbreaker was HArold called, Westsaxon kind bismerched.
Housecarls with battle-boards at Hastings played.
The fyrd fought and many northmen slew.
But the noble lord, England's king fell,
iron-shot in the eye flew, all became lost.
The Bonehouse was soulless, the son of Godwin dead.
Praise we on this day King Harold
Warder of England, Wielder rightful.
Long Live England! Long live Ansteorra!

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