ARCH - Ranks and Tassels

John Moore iaen-mor at
Fri Nov 3 06:07:52 PST 2000

OK, here is what I will be sending to Fearghus.

1-25        Archer         White
26-45      Bowmen       Black
46-65      Marksman    Grey
66-85      Forester       Blue
86-105    Huntsman     Red
105-124  Bowmaster   Gold
125+        Ludicrous        All Colors

Tassels are to be 12" long with a head binding knot.
The binding knot will be Blue for the Open Divisions and Red for the Period
Divisions.  The knot should be large enough to be noticeably different form
the tassel.

As we never really agreed as to what the Tassels were supposed to be I guess
I will have to make up everybodies mind.  Any questions can be directed to
me at iaen-mor at or rr2000-01 at

                                                     Iaen Mor
                                                     Keeper of the Royal

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