ARCH - Archery results from Bryn Gwlad's fall event...

Bob Dewart gilli at
Mon Nov 6 14:24:06 PST 2000

Have a little fun here, and have a little fun over there, then just some
more back here again.  Before you know it, you're having fun and good at it

Things don't always work out like you might think.  I'd never shot an arrow
before I started running the competition for the Kingdom.  I never made a
combat arrow till I couldn't get any.  Things just work them selves out some
times.  So, have fun in the process.  And I know you are.  :)


Shoot more arrows and more will hit Gold.

Galen said
> Well, I don't deny that with practice I could be a
> great archer.  But that's not my goal; I'm just having
> fun doing such a fundamentally _medieval_ thing as
> target archery.
> - Galen

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