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So that's why life was so good in Elfsea,  HE Llywelyn must be a very good
hunter and bowman.  :)


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> >Well, I don't deny that with practice I could be a
> >great archer.  But that's not my goal; I'm just having
> >fun doing such a fundamentally _medieval_ thing as
> >target archery.
> >
> >- Galen
> Your Excellency, speaking to you in your capacity as a noble, it is your
> duty to become adept with the bow.  For how else can you put deer and fowl
> on the table.  It is the station of a lord to either become adept with the
> bow or the falcon.  I ask thee, how else shall you provide meat for your
> household?  Whilst the peasantry are required to learn the bow for war, it
> is the noble duty of the lords to hunt.  Wouldst you deprive your folk of
> all but bread and vegetables?
> Written this day on the sixth day of November,
> Rumil Fletcher
> baron to the His Majesties court

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