ARCH - Fletching Jigs, etc?

Steelquist, John John.Steelquist at
Wed Nov 8 13:34:52 PST 2000


I'm finally getting off my butt and ordering parts to make some UHMW /
fiberglass arrows.  I'm getting the glass from Gene Bolton, nocks and
fletching from F/S (probably), UHMW from Regal, foam from Wal-Mart.  

My question is: what type of fletching jig should I get, or does someone
have one I can borrow?

What glue should I use - fletch-tite or something else?  Where can I get it

Does anyone have a cheap source for fibertape in bulk?  Duct tape?  Or
should I tool dip the heads?

Am I right and I can get nocks specificaly for fiberglass so I don't have to
taper anything (the nock fits directly over a square cut end)?

Has anyone thought about building (probably turning) a cone into the UHMW
for better flight characteristics?  Something like this:
.       ______
.      /           |
.    /             | 
.    \             | 
.      \ ______|

So many questions, grass hopper...


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