ARCH - Fletching Jigs, etc?

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Wed Nov 8 15:53:17 PST 2000

My Lord,
  The best nocks for use with fiberglass shafts are available from and you want the "over nocks".
Unfortunately, they are only available in loud yellow, screaming orange and
nauseous green.  Pick which one least offends you.
  As to fletching jigs, I prefer using the Arizona EZ Fletcher (for carbon
arrows) and it is available from F/S Discount archery at a reasonable price.
  Fletchtite has worked well for me on both fletches and nocks to glue them
to the fiberglass shafts (just remember to sand the fiberglass before
gluing - works much better).
  Concerning bulk fiber tape, try or  Their prices are not too heinous.
  If you desire to dip the heads after they are assembled on the shafts just
remember to do it prior to taping the heads (per current Ansteorran missile
 Oh, in case you did not know, Gene Bolton has fiberglass in colors
available for very little extra cost (red, green, blue, yellow, white,
black, orange & purple and I think silver/gray).
  Hope this is of assistance to you.
  Lord Alfred Huddlestone,
  Archery Marshal, Barony of Bryn Gwlad
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> Ok,
> I'm finally getting off my butt and ordering parts to make some UHMW /
> fiberglass arrows.  I'm getting the glass from Gene Bolton, nocks and
> fletching from F/S (probably), UHMW from Regal, foam from Wal-Mart.
> My question is: what type of fletching jig should I get, or does someone
> have one I can borrow?
> What glue should I use - fletch-tite or something else?  Where can I get
> cheapest?
> Does anyone have a cheap source for fibertape in bulk?  Duct tape?  Or
> should I tool dip the heads?
> Am I right and I can get nocks specificaly for fiberglass so I don't have
> taper anything (the nock fits directly over a square cut end)?
> Has anyone thought about building (probably turning) a cone into the UHMW
> for better flight characteristics?  Something like this:
> .       ______
> .      /           |
> .    /             |
> .    \             |
> .      \ ______|
> So many questions, grass hopper...
> Ulsted
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