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Frankly, I don't see a problem with giving the tassles 
out at Coronation, in the closing court of the outgoing 
king & queen (if they're amenable), as long as it 
doesn't take too long.  I agree with Gilli that enough 
people in the kingdom do archery that it would be worth 
a couple of minutes in court.

That said, if another plan prevails, I'd be happy to be 
involved in giving out some tassels in my baronial 

- Galen Elfsea

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> Well, I can see by the way this is going that yet 
another shot at archery
> community unity has been shot in the fourth point of 
contact.  At this
> point, I'm having a hard time seeing a time when 
archery in this Kingdom
> will be necessary enough to occupy a few minutes in a 
Coronation Court.  
> I don't know how many would just happen to show up 
for the Coronation.  But
> with as many as would be getting a tassle, I'd bet 
that a bunch would if
> that was going to happen.  Guess we won't know.  
> Now, is it going to look strange if I give out the 
medallions to my
> competition in Court and the tassles aren't.  Or 
should I send them to the
> regionals and hope they get around to presenting 
them?  Huuuuuummmmmm you
> know that might be best.
> You know, between this sort of thing and situations 
at work, it sure is
> hard
> to get things done.
> Gilli
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> OK,  my 2 cents.
> Coronation is usually just too busy a place with so 
much going on and the
> courts are long enough as it is.  I wouldn't want to 
have to sit through
> any
> longer a court and awards ceremony than is already 
necessary.  Courts go on
> so long that people only half pay attention and the 
people sitting at the
> back of the large halls often cant hear and really 
tell what is going on
> anyway.  Also, while coronation is a large and well 
attended event what
> percentage of the archery community will be there?  
It is a long way for an
> archer to travel when they may not have any other 
business at coronation.
> And...  at this point we don't even know where 
coronation is going to be.
> In short I don't like the idea of doing it at 
> Now, since I am someone who doesn't like to oppose an 
idea unless I have an
> alternative... What I would prefer is that the 
Regional Archery Marshals
> see
> to it that the tassels are handed out in their 
regions.  The could work
> with
> the Local Archery Marshals and the Nobility in their 
region to award the
> tassels at a regional and local events.  This should 
make it easier to
> coordinate the attendance of the archer and would 
allow the archer to get
> the award in front of their family, friends, and the 
regional archers that
> they shoot with.  Finally, I think it might be a kick 
for the local
> nobility
> like Galen and Godwin who are also archers to give 
these awards to their
> populace and would hopefully make it more special to 
the archer.
> If the Royal Huntsman or Crown is there at the 
regional event and wish to
> be
> involved with the awarding of these ranks then 
GREAT.  However, lets please
> not do it at Coronation, and lets please not have to 
wait on the Crown or
> Royal Huntsman to be available,   or force archers to 
go to an event where
> they are present.  Lets do it regionally.
> In Service,
> Lord Eadric Anstapa
> eadric at
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> Subject: Re: ARCH - Awards ceremony
> > Would  the awarding of the tassles and possibly 
other archery comunity
> > things be a good thing at Coornation?
> >
> > Gilli
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