ARCH - Awards ceremony

N.D. Wederstrandt nweders at
Thu Nov 9 12:56:21 PST 2000

 What if you gave out tassels at prime events that have smaller courts?  If
a Crown is going to be at BorderMarch melees, maybe they could give out
tassels there.  I personally think it's better to give out tassels where
people in a community are gathered.  If you have Coronation - how many of
your archers are there?  What about at Steppes Warlord?  We could do the
ceremony there and still look impressive.

Coronation courts are not alwys long but the event of Crowning a new King,
seeing the old Crown depart far overshadows the fact that archers get
tassels.  But if you do major events at large events where the Crown is at
and there is a draw of the archery community and the regional population
that know and respect them, then it might be nicer.

I would rather get an award at Bordermarch Melees where all my friends are
than at Coronation where it could easily be minimized by other awards and

Just a thought,

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