ARCH - Awards ceremony

Patrick Cuccurello pat at
Thu Nov 9 13:29:28 PST 2000

> Well, I can see by the way this is going that yet another shot at archery
> community unity has been shot in the fourth point of contact.  At this
> point, I'm having a hard time seeing a time when archery in this Kingdom
> will be necessary enough to occupy a few minutes in a Coronation Court.  

Well, there's no reason to get cynical about it <<grin>>
My recommendation is that you ask the Crown what they would like to do.
If they don't believe they have enough time, they'll tell you.  On the
other hand, they may think that it's a wonderful idea and something that
they would like to have a hand in.

Coronation is their party, ask them if they would like to play.

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