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Steelquist, John John.Steelquist at
Thu Nov 9 11:33:13 PST 2000

As an opponent of long courts (really, I _try_ to keep 'em short :) ), I
also agree that in court at Coronation is probably not the place to give out
*all* the tassels...  However, I DO think that giving out tassels to the
upper echelon (or maybe just the single highest shooter) would be a great
idea, and won't take too much time...

Since there is actually fairly strong support for archery among the landeds,
local events and courts are a good candidate for the rest of the tassels.
And I think every noble would be willing to give them out outside of court
(I'd probably do them in court, but that's me...).

Alternately, a short ceremony at upcoming archery events (maybe immediately
preceding or following the range rules speech and explanation of the day's
shoot) is a good place to issue the tassels.  The archers would be among
those who support them and care most about their accomplishments...

The tassels can be presented by the nobility, the Royal Huntsman, the
Kingdom Archery Marshal, Regional Marshals, even Local Marshals or Officers
- whatever seems most appropriate...

Just some thoughts,
Ulsted the Unsteady
Baron of Loch Solleir

ps - come to Squires and Cadets and shoot for the Loch Championship...

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