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 Just a thought about a compromise.  What about having the list of winners read at Coronation
Court as a proclimation would be made, then the awards presented locally?
This keeps the time at Court to a minimum, recognizes everyone, and fulfills the idea of receiving your award among those you usually associate with.
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Well, I can see by the way this is going that yet another shot at archery
community unity has been shot in the fourth point of contact. At this
point, I'm having a hard time seeing a time when archery in this Kingdom
will be necessary enough to occupy a few minutes in a Coronation Court. 

I don't know how many would just happen to show up for the Coronation. But
with as many as would be getting a tassle, I'd bet that a bunch would if
that was going to happen. Guess we won't know. 

Now, is it going to look strange if I give out the medallions to my
competition in Court and the tassles aren't. Or should I send them to the
regionals and hope they get around to presenting them? Huuuuuummmmmm you
know that might be best.

You know, between this sort of thing and situations at work, it sure is hard
to get things done.


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OK, my 2 cents.

Coronation is usually just too busy a place with so much going on and the
courts are long enough as it is. I wouldn't want to have to sit through any
longer a court and awards ceremony than is already necessary. Courts go on
so long that people only half pay attention and the people sitting at the
back of the large halls often cant hear and really tell what is going on
anyway. Also, while coronation is a large and well attended event what
percentage of the archery community will be there? It is a long way for an
archer to travel when they may not have any other business at coronation.
And... at this point we don't even know where coronation is going to be.

In short I don't like the idea of doing it at Coronation.

Now, since I am someone who doesn't like to oppose an idea unless I have an
alternative... What I would prefer is that the Regional Archery Marshals see
to it that the tassels are handed out in their regions. The could work with
the Local Archery Marshals and the Nobility in their region to award the
tassels at a regional and local events. This should make it easier to
coordinate the attendance of the archer and would allow the archer to get
the award in front of their family, friends, and the regional archers that
they shoot with. Finally, I think it might be a kick for the local nobility
like Galen and Godwin who are also archers to give these awards to their
populace and would hopefully make it more special to the archer.

If the Royal Huntsman or Crown is there at the regional event and wish to be
involved with the awarding of these ranks then GREAT. However, lets please
not do it at Coronation, and lets please not have to wait on the Crown or
Royal Huntsman to be available, or force archers to go to an event where
they are present. Lets do it regionally.

In Service,

Lord Eadric Anstapa
eadric at

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> Would the awarding of the tassles and possibly other archery comunity
> things be a good thing at Coornation?
> Gilli

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