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Mon Nov 27 20:30:51 PST 2000

Nope  you just enclosed a LNL (link) that tries to access my A: drived to
find ther scores.

Try using the attach function  (INSERT -> FILE ATTACHMENT) rather than
dragging and dropping.

Or better yet, for those that don't grok excel.  I have atatched the score
as a web page/html document



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  Greetings All;

    I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

    My sincere thanks to Gilli and Darcy for another excellent Archers
Revel.  If you missed it, you missed 2 great days of weather to shoot in.
You also missed 2 days of excellent food in massive quantities. I am
enclosing a copy of the scores shot.  Hope to see more of you there next

In Service
Don Sebastian Frobishire
Royal Huntsman of Ansteorra
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