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Say, speaking of progress and that sort of thing, why don't we sorta kinda
give HRH Duncan a nugge to start thinking now about when They would like to
do it when They become Their Majesties?  

Has there been any move to normalize when the Royal Huntsman will be chosen?
Like King's Champion is chosen the day of Coronation, Queen's Champion is
chosen 3 weeks after Coronation.

Yea, it just got a whole light lighter in here.  Oh, there's a light bulb
over my head.  :)  Why don't we do it just like Queen's Champion on say the
5th weekend after Coronation.  We could also conduct a Mini Academy of the
Bow at the same time.  It would work out so that one would be in the middle
of the season and one just before Gulf War(which I think would be a really
good thing).

What do you all think?


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Well Gilli you must have been reading my mind. By the request of Their
Majesties, the next Royal Huntsman of Ansteorra, will be chosen at Elfsea
Springfaire. The format of the tourney is as yet to be decided. Based on the
Royal progress this was the earliest event that could be chosen and still
leave time to try to get the word out to the archery community.  So lets get
the word out and when the format of the shoot has been chosen I will get
this info out ASAP. 

Good Shooting

Ld Fearghus MacKenna
Kingdom Archery Marshal

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	Greetings and Hi There,

	Do we have any word yet on when we will be shooting the Royal
Huntsman for
	this reign?

	This is an information inquiry, not a shot.

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