ARCH - What If

Wilim Penbras wilim.penbras at
Tue Apr 3 11:58:00 PDT 2001

Ya know,  I'm nobody's keeper but I never did respond with what exactly I would say to His Majesty would he ask my hearts desire as an archer.

"Your Majesty,  there are some who would talk of new awards and others who would speak simply of recognition.  I would say to you that our existing awards structure works well for recognizing indvidual achievement.  While Archery as a medieval pastime and an SCA pastime is worthy of greater recognition as a whole, we Ansteorrans archers as a community still have a way to go.  Until we can recognize each other's contribution without resentment; offer advice to people who've volunteered their time to help the community instead of offering only criticism; Until we can apologize we accidentally offend instead of making light of the offence, until we can do all of these things and more we aren't ready to wear the mantle of a Grant Level award.

Your Majesty, all I ask is that you allow us to serve Crown and Kingdom and perhaps some recognition as we work towards the day when we are ready to stand among the Best of the Known World."


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