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Oh please don't go there.

I just got Royally beat up on the Redtape list last week over this.  Got the
bruises to prove it.

Obviously Queens Champion is special.  It is protected by kingdom law.  It
is the only such champion event that gets that special kinda treatment in
kingdom law.  Law says that It shall be held each reign and that it shall be
held no later than 6 weeks after coronation.

I suggested that we reserve dates on the Kingdom Calendar for Royal
Champions other than just Queens Champion or perhaps we have a single "Royal
Champions" event where all the Royal champions are chosen on a single
weekend.  I was speaking not just out of concern for Royal Huntsman but Also
Lancer, Bard, and those other that often get overlooked and tacked onto
other events with little notice AFTER the Royal progress is announced.  I
maintained that IF these other events were to flourish and the communities
grow then there should be some additional support from the Kingdom and

In short I got told that the Royal Champion events other than Queens did not
deserve their own date on the calendar and that one big event where they
would all be chosen would not happen.  HRH Larissa said that she would never
consider sharing the Queens Champion day with any other Royal Championship
activity period and end of subject.

Even though it was bad on the Redtape list, I got a lot of privately
addressed of what was basically hatemail for even suggesting that we were
worthy of the same consideration that Queens Champion is.

All that said, Master Richard did volunteer that he would start putting in
his monthly column a listing of all the events that he needs bids for and
list all of these other Royal Championships in that list.

In short, if WE the archery community want the Royal Huntsman tourney to
happen regularly and to be included on the calendar and some notice given
the WE are going to have to work with our own local branches and get them to
agree to sponsor the Royal Huntsman events.  We need to do this well in
advance and be prepared AT EACH CROWN TOURNAMENT to present a bid to the
Kingdom Seneschal and TRH for the Huntsman Tourney in the next reign.  That
way while they are working out their Royal Progress they can consider the
Royal Huntsman and award the tourney to someone.

In Service,


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From: Dewart, Charles R. --G3 Contractor (Anteon Corp)
Subject: RE: ARCH - Royal Huntsman

Say, speaking of progress and that sort of thing, why don't we sorta kinda
give HRH Duncan a nugge to start thinking now about when They would like to
do it when They become Their Majesties?  

Has there been any move to normalize when the Royal Huntsman will be chosen?
Like King's Champion is chosen the day of Coronation, Queen's Champion is
chosen 3 weeks after Coronation.

Yea, it just got a whole light lighter in here.  Oh, there's a light bulb
over my head.  :)  Why don't we do it just like Queen's Champion on say the
5th weekend after Coronation.  We could also conduct a Mini Academy of the
Bow at the same time.  It would work out so that one would be in the middle
of the season and one just before Gulf War(which I think would be a really
good thing).

What do you all think?


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