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If I can play devil's advocate for a moment I'll point out one thing without even thinking about motives for keeping Queen's Champion a seperate event.

One event, hosted by a single group.  Gives the Kingdom a certain revenue based on a percentage of the profits.  This event might be a huge event and take in a considerable ammount but the host group WILL have to get a percentage.  Figure all of the regular heavies, lights, bards, Archers, and Equestrians will be there.  It could easily be an 1000 person event  the kingdom will get a nice percentage of that as it is a kingdom event(I wanna say 30%?).  9 events that are Kingdom events will still draw a good number of regular people plus the specialty group maybe around 250 people .  Bam  the kingdom just got 30% of the equivalent of a 2000+ person event instead of 30% of a single 1000 person event.

Then there's the consideration that you really sometimes have to spread the Kingdom events around so perhaps some of the smaller areas get a chance at hosting a larger event and so the Crown has an excuse to go there and see a few hundred instead of only a hundred or so.

All of these are simply opinions and are not offered as motives or explainations for the basting the Eadric got in private to his suggestion.

In Service,
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>I see, I need to get back on that list.
>Kigdom Law starts out with a blank page.  Then someone starts adding things
>to it.
>That same withing six weeks could be added to any of the Champion events.
>In fact it would be better to have a separte "Crown's Champions" tourny.
>But they won't want another event to raise money for the Kingdom.
>But until it makes it's way into Kingdom law, we're just a bunch
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>> Oh please don't go there.
>> I just got Royally beat up on the Redtape list last week over this.  Got
>> bruises to prove it.
>> Obviously Queens Champion is special.  It is protected by kingdom law.  It
>> is the only such champion event that gets that special kinda treatment in
>> kingdom law.  Law says that It shall be held each reign and that it shall
>> held no later than 6 weeks after coronation.
>> I suggested that we reserve dates on the Kingdom Calendar for Royal
>> Champions other than just Queens Champion or perhaps we have a single
>> Champions" event where all the Royal champions are chosen on a single
>> weekend.  I was speaking not just out of concern for Royal Huntsman but
>> Lancer, Bard, and those other that often get overlooked and tacked onto
>> other events with little notice AFTER the Royal progress is announced.  I
>> maintained that IF these other events were to flourish and the communities
>> grow then there should be some additional support from the Kingdom and
>> Crown.
>> In short I got told that the Royal Champion events other than Queens did
>> deserve their own date on the calendar and that one big event where they
>> would all be chosen would not happen.  HRH Larissa said that she would
>> consider sharing the Queens Champion day with any other Royal Championship
>> activity period and end of subject.
>> Even though it was bad on the Redtape list, I got a lot of privately
>> addressed of what was basically hatemail for even suggesting that we were
>> worthy of the same consideration that Queens Champion is.
>> All that said, Master Richard did volunteer that he would start putting in
>> his monthly column a listing of all the events that he needs bids for and
>> list all of these other Royal Championships in that list.
>> In short, if WE the archery community want the Royal Huntsman tourney to
>> happen regularly and to be included on the calendar and some notice given
>> the WE are going to have to work with our own local branches and get them
>> agree to sponsor the Royal Huntsman events.  We need to do this well in
>> advance and be prepared AT EACH CROWN TOURNAMENT to present a bid to the
>> Kingdom Seneschal and TRH for the Huntsman Tourney in the next reign.
>> way while they are working out their Royal Progress they can consider the
>> Royal Huntsman and award the tourney to someone.
>> In Service,
>> Eadric
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>> Say, speaking of progress and that sort of thing, why don't we sorta kinda
>> give HRH Duncan a nugge to start thinking now about when They would like
>> do it when They become Their Majesties?
>> Has there been any move to normalize when the Royal Huntsman will be
>> Like King's Champion is chosen the day of Coronation, Queen's Champion is
>> chosen 3 weeks after Coronation.
>> Yea, it just got a whole light lighter in here.  Oh, there's a light bulb
>> over my head.  :)  Why don't we do it just like Queen's Champion on say
>> 5th weekend after Coronation.  We could also conduct a Mini Academy of the
>> Bow at the same time.  It would work out so that one would be in the
>> of the season and one just before Gulf War(which I think would be a really
>> good thing).
>> What do you all think?
>> Gilli
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