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Tue Apr 3 16:09:27 PDT 2001

Just noticed this bouncer had some stuff on it for the list that hasn't come
out yet.

so here it is.

Bob Dewart <gilli at> said:
> Right now, The Royal Huntsman isn't a Kingdom event.  So no money needs to
> be sent forward.  However, it could be made one and then they'd get some
> bucks out of it.  Oh, but then it would have to go on the calendar, etc,
> etc.

Since they are neighbors I subscribe to the Ravensfort list.  I know that
after the last Royal Huntsman shoot they then tithed a percentage of the
profits to the kingdom and said that it was specifically because they hosted
the Huntsman shoot.  I am not sure it they were asked to tithe or if they
just volunterred it.

There are many other events that are asked to tithe even if they don't get
reserved space on the kingdom calendar.  Basically all of those listed in
law.  Now the Royal Huntsman isn't yet listed in law along with the other
events that the kingdom seneschal is supposed to solicit bids for but...

For those interested here is the current kingdom law on the matter.  Notice
that Academy of the Bow is listed and the sponsors  "will be asked to
contribute an amount, not to exceed 25%. Of the event's net profits to the

Section 3: Other Kingdom Events
1. Reoccurring Kingdom events are those major official events which
occur within the Kingdom, hosted by various branches within the Kingdom, or
by such persons as the Crown and the Kingdom Seneschal shall designate. The
Kingdom Seneschal shall be responsible for requesting bids for these events,
unless delegated. These events include:
1. The Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition
2. The Kingdom Eisteddfod
3. The King's College
4. The Kingdom Warlord Tournament
5. The Queen's Championship Tournament which is held once each reign on
a date not later than six weeks after Coronation.
6. The Queen's Children's College
7. Academy of the Rapier
8. Academy of the Bow
9. King's Lancer
10. The Red tape event which is held once each reign no later than 90
days after Coronation.
11. Academy of the Sword

2. These reoccurring Kingdom events are specifically not protected and
may have other events scheduled on the same date.

3. Any local branch wishing to host a Kingdom event should submit a bid
proposal to the Crown, the Kingdom Seneschal, and other Kingdom Officers as

4. A branch which hosts a Crown Tournament, Coronation , or Queen's
Champion will be asked to contribute 50% of that events net profits to the
Kingdom. A branch which hosts one of the other reoccurring Kingdom events
will be asked to contribute an amount, not to exceed 25%. Of the event's net
profits to the Kingdom. This percentage will be set at the time of the
awarding of the event. Any branch hosting a Crown Tournament, Coronation,
Queen's Champion or reoccurring Kingdom event may petition the Kingdom for
financial support to aid in preparation for the event. Branches in the
Kingdom of Ansteorra are entitled to hold two Kingdom Calendar events per
calendar year. Baronies are entitled to their perpetual event in addition to
their two Kingdom Calendar events. Regional Calendar Events and Reoccurring
Kingdom events do not count against a branches limit.
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