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Tue Apr 3 14:42:46 PDT 2001

See, that's why Kingdom events are great for non baronys.  It dosen't count
against their 2 calendar evnt limit.  The "70%" of the profits is "70%" more
than they would have had.  And it's then same thing for a Barony if it's
their 4th.


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> Okay,  and we'd just have the Kingdom get 60% of the Net instead of 30% to
make up for the fact that you've just reduced the theoretical total
attendance by 50%?  Sounds like a Plan.  Me and my barony love working our
butts off hosting huge events for less than half the profits.  Somehow I
don't think so.
> Wilim
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> >It's all a question of want to.  There are ways of doing anything, if
> >is a want to.
> >
> >Other than the fact it hasn't been done, there could be a Kingdom event
> >protocol set up.  For example Crown is now on a region rotational basis,
> >didn't use to be.  If no one in the region whose turn it is dosen't put
in a
> >bid, then it's up for grabs.  They could, if they wanted to, further say
> >that Shires and Canton in that region had first deebs on the event.  They
> >could do that with every event; if they wanted to.  Or perhaps the shires
> >and cantons would have first deebs on even years.  That would spreed the
> >wealth around a bit more.
> >
> >If they wanted to.
> >
> >Gilli

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