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Wilim Penbras wilim.penbras at
Wed Apr 4 07:25:59 PDT 2001

I'm out of the IKAC rules arguing business.  I would however guess that the Ansteorran Royal Rounds competition has to take place at official events.  The first thing the section on events talks about is that they must meet Corpora Section IIa Which reads as follows:

A. SOCIETY EVENTS DEFINED. The term "Society event" refers to tournaments, feasts, and other activities whereby participants can display the results of their researches into period culture and technology in an environment which evokes the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. It also refers to educational activities involving either one-time classes or ongoing university organizations, and meetings where participants share skills or discuss the business of the group. All Society events must be sponsored by branches of the Society, registered with the Seneschal of the sponsoring branch and publicized at least to the membership of that branch, and conducted according to Society rules.

The IKAC is a private shoot and can make whatever rules it wants but the Ansteorran Royal Rounds AFAIK have always been considered a kingdom level thing. and thus have to meet the definitions of a Kingdom level event.  If the Rules as listed don't say this then they need to.

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