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While it's not required as such by the IKAC, as you point out it is by the
rules of the RR.  I had missed that.  Thanks.

I don't think it will be a problem to get Middleford's blessings so the
scores can count for the RR also.  Might as well get the most bang for the
buck.  However; I'm affraid they will want to charge a gate fee for those
blessings.  We'll talk about it tonight at populace meeting.  It would be
what they call a noncalendar event. You know this could be interesting.
Perhaps I could get them to pay the site fee too.  Say, instead of costing
me about $100 to do one of these things, maybe I can get off for just my own
site fee.  Hummmmmm,  I wonder.  Yeap, we'll have to talk about this, yes


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There I go go quoting Corpora and Kingdom law when I can quote the rules
listed on the RR site.

For an official average in a division an archer must have at least one
recorded score from an event sposored by a branch other than their local

Okay,  it's not sponsered by Middleford but what is the the branch that's
'sposering' <G> it.

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