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> To the list I would like to pose a question.  Do you or the branches
around you lack a marshal or the 'sanction' to hold archery practices and
have archery at your events.  If so then please let me know.  I'm
considering getting sanction for basic marshalling classes at AoB.  Take the
class,  Run a few ranges until the Regional or Kingdom AM is comfortable
with your style and ability to run a safe range, then get your card.  If
there's enough interest then I will attempt to work my schedule so I can
travel to your area and give you the opportunity to run/setup a range then
speak for you to the Regional or Kingdom Marshal.
> I watched Caelin on Andrede travel over half this kingdom acting as CIC
for every event that asked until we could get more medics to share the load.
I just want to know if Archery needs the same treatment to get a marshal in
every pot.. er Branch.
> In Service,
>      Wilim

In my estimation Archery appears to very much be a regional thing.  In some
regions there is a strong archery organization and in others it is not so
strong.  I am proud of the archery organization in my region and I work hard
to improve it while remembering that it is NOT about scores and competitions
but rather it IS about SAFE FUN.

Let me use this to give everyone an update on the Coastal Region.  At the
same idea you can get a feel of what archery is like down here and what I
consider the regional archery marshal job to mean.

First, down in this part of the world there isn't any real shortage of
archery events.  Basically every group in the Coastal Region has archery at
their annual events and more.    About four groups hold regularly scheduled

When I became Coastal Regional Archery Marshal I vowed that I would travel
to all of the groups in the Coastal Region within ones years time and visit
with the Archers and Marshals face-to-face.  At Golden Arrow In Stonebridge
Keep in a few weeks I will have completed that task.  Unfortunately it is
the same weekend as Elfsea Spring Faire so I will not be at the Royal
Huntsman shoot because I believe that this needs to come first.

As I have traveled about the region I have extended the invitation that if a
group wants archery at their event and they need help then I will come and
act as marshal in charge and bring our local equipment.  As a result I have
acted as Marshal in Charge of three events outside of my local branch when
the group did not have a marshal or their marshal was otherwise occupied.
Lord Iaen as traveled with me to all three of these events and helped

Every branch in the Coastal Region with the exception of Seawinds and
Bordermarch have at least one archery marshal in the group and most of them
have more than one.  This weekend at our regularly monthly practice I will
likely authorize three more marshals two of which are serious enough that
they just completed the National Archery Association Level 1 Instructor
Training.  (this is the basic certification that most camps, YMCA, Boy
Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc. require of individuals who run their ranges)
We are working on the two groups that don't have marshals but so far no one
has stepped forward.

Outside of the Coastal Region we are lucky to be close to Ravens Fort
(southern Region) which also usually has archery at every event and sees a
lot of attendance from the Loch, Stargate, and Greywood areas.  Ravens Fort
also has two competent and hard working marshals in Ayla and Plachoya.
While they aren't in our region we are lucky to have them close and to be
able to shoot and work along with them.

As our Kingdom Seneschal say "Communication is the Key".  Keeping this in
mind all the marshals on my roster can expect to hear from me AT LEAST four
times each quarter.  Those times would be
1.  Two weeks before Q reports are due with call for reports.
2.  End of Q when they receive my report.
3.  About 2  weeks before a warrant is prepared asking for any needed
corrections.  That's two weeks before each crown tournament and coronation.
4.  Every time a new warrant is issued they get a new copy

I try to stay in touch beyond those times and they will usually get a kinda
news flash from me on about a monthly basis announcing important archery
happenings in the region.  They probably get tired of me.

Always in Service,

Lord Eadric Anstapa
Coastal Regional Archery Marshal, Ansteorra
eadric at

Here is the roster of the currently warranted archery marshals for the
coastal region.  If you are having an archery event and need help then
please contact some of your fellow marshals on this list.  This warrant
roster will expire July 15, 2001.

Coastal Regional Archery Marshal
Eadric Anstapa
Scott Mills
36131 FM 149
Pinehurst, TX 77362
eadric at

Gates Edge Archery Marshal
Baron Talmon Wilbanks
Talmon Parker
36227 Mildred Lane
Pinehurst, TX 77362
tt_ann at

Graywood Archery Marshal
Aaron Whitewolf
Ron Bentley
P.O.Box 5109
Sam Rayburn, TX 75951-7700
whitewolf at

La Marche Sauvage Archery Marshal
Abdul the Camel Thief
Mike B. Adelman
Rt. 1 Box 5530
Mission, TX  78572
956- 583-3381
WiserDom21 at

Loch Soilleir Archery Marshal
Dale O'Shaughnessy
Michael Adams
5203 FM 2403
Alvin, TX 77511
Trygon5 at

Stone Bridge Keep Archery Marshal
Gottfried Krimmelbein
Geoff Kettling
RR 4 Box 94E
Yoakum, TX 77995
MtLion at

Stargate Archery Marshal
Francois la Flamme
Wendel Bordelon
15910 Val Verde Drive
Houston, TX 77083
rwb at

Other Marshals in the region:

In Gates Edge, also keeper of the Royal Rounds
Iaen Mor (John C. Moore), iaenmor at

In Loch Sollier
Mahee of Acre (Russell G. Husted), mahee_of_acre at

In La Marche Sauvage
Rogan Shea (Michael Weaver), mweaver at HILINE.NET

In Loch Sollier
Ulsted the Unsteady (John Steelquist), ulsted at

In Stone Bridge Keep
Wolfker the Hunter (William Heckert),  lwolfker at

Below is the First Quarter 2001 Archery Marshals
Report for the Coastal Region.

In Service,

Lord Eadric Anstapa
Coastal Regional Archery Marshal
eadric at

Archery continues to flourish in the Coastal Region.
Once again we have several new marshals that have been
authorized this quarter.

Although no groups held tournaments or chose archery
champions in this quarter the groups are still active
with practices.

Loch Sollier in particular has been busily preparing for

Lord Eadric Anstapa


About twenty people participated in archery as part of
a demo that was held Feb. 17 at the SFA University.
This number includes shire members along with those just
attending to the demo.

Over half of the Shire is now showing some interest in
archery, and would like to get a monthly shoot started.

Shire members continue to participate in archery as they
travel to events.

Marshal Reporting:
Aaron Whitewolf

La Marche Sauvage:

Please welcome two new marshals in La March Sauvage,
Lord Abdul the Camel Thief, and Lord Rogan Shea.

At Tournament of the Golden Hart a small archery
contest, shooting at clay targets suspended from
the trees.  The area would not allow field points so
combat blunts were used instead.  Over 20 people
participated and Lord Raibeart became our champion by
destroying 5 clay pigeons in his last shoot.  He was
justly awarded by the Baron and Baroness in court that

At Black Stag Lord Eadric Anstapa provided a short
Target Archery Marshals authorization class for
Lord Abdul the Camel Thief and Lord Rogan Shea.

Planning is under way to start having a regular
monthly archery practice.

Marshals Reporting:
Lord Abdul the Camel Thief
Lord Rogan Shea

Loch Sollier:

The Loch is now holding regular archery practices
Combined with Siege practice, on the first Sunday
of each month at the home of their Marshal Dale

December - bad weather.  No shooting.
January  - No target shooting, but a dozen people
           Practiced Siege Weapons
February - limited target shooting, 5 authorizations for
           Siege crew issued by Baron Ulsted.
March    - Best weather yet - no archers!  Go figure.

Dale reports that he has fractured his wrist.

Marshal Reporting:
Dale O'Shaughnessy

Stone Bridge Keep:

Please welcome a new marshal in Stone Bridge Keep,
Lord Wolfker the Hunter.

Although Stone Bridge Keep does not currently hold
regular archery practices, they have now found an indoor
range that they can use when needed.

Lord Wolfker served as marshal in charge in an emergency
capacity at Seawinds' Siege of the Abbey.  Seawinds does
not currently have a warranted archery marshal.  Although
archery was advertised, the person who was to be Marshal
in Charge did not show, the person who was to bring the
targets did not show, but he autocrat did bring bales of
hay to serve as a target backstop.  Lord Wolfker improvised
by making targets from paper plates and a few people
enjoyed some archery.  The only archery equipment available
was the personal equipment of Lord Wolfker.

Thank you Lord Wolfker for filling in when needed.

The wife of Stone Bridge Keep marshal Gottfried
continues to recover after a period of severe illness
and hospitalization.  Please keep her in your prayers.

Marshals Reporting:
Gottfried Krimmel Bein
Lord Wolfker the Hunter

Stargate / Gates Edge:

Stargate does not have regular archery practices but
instead encourages their archers to attend the practices
in the Canton of Gates Edge.

Gates Edge continues to have regularly scheduled archery
practices on a monthly basis and more frequently by
appointment with the marshals. Both Target Archery and
ICAC style  archery with combat blunts shot at man-shaped
targets are shot at these practices.

Baroness Adelicia Brabent, the wife of the Gates Edge
Marshal Baron Talmon Wilbanks, has been moved to a long
term nursing facility where she continues to recover
from a stroke suffered this past fall.   The archers of
Gates Edge miss her sorely and keep her in our prayers.

Lord Iaen Mor of Gates Edge serves as scorekeeper for the
Ansteorran Royal Rounds and reports that  there have been
very few Royal Round  scores submitted so far in 2001.

The marshallate of Gates Edge is busily planning for
Midsummer Faire XI to be held June 1-3.

Marshals Reporting:
Baron Talmon Wilbanks
Lord Iaen Mor

Attached is the Fourth Quarter Archery Marshals
Report for the Coastal Region.

In Service,

Lord Eadric Anstapa
Coastal Regional Archery Marshal
eadric at

I am privileged for this to be my first report and Coastal
Regional Archery Marshal after Baron Ulsted retired from the
position.  I count myself extremely lucky that Baron Ulsted
left me a great slate of marshals to work with and somewhat
intimidated that I have big shoes to fill.

Archery continues to thrive in the Coastal Region.  We have
several new marshals this quarter and interest and recognition
among the populace continues to grow. A very wet autumn  has
dampened the archery activities a bit and a number of
scheduled practices had to be canceled.  Despite the wet
weather and cancelled practices over one-third of the archers
that have completed official Ansteorran Royal Round averages
are from the Coastal Region.

Since the last quarterly report Stargate, Greywood, and
Loch Sollier have all chosen new archery champions.

Lord Eadric Anstapa



Greywood is just growing into archery.  Although we are not
currently holding regular archery practices shire members
are active within the archery community.

Greywood chose it's Archery Champion at the Battle of the
Pines. Lord Eadric Anstapa was the marshal in charge and there
were 14 participants. Don Sebastian Frobishire was the victor
and was presented with a fine Longbow as a prize.

Lord Uther Blackthorne participates in Archery tournaments at
many of the events he attends and is the first person from
Greywood to post an official Ansteorran Royal Round average.

Aaron Whitewolf Marshal Reporting

La Marche Sauvage:
Sorry, but nothing to report at this time.  Weather and too
much overtime have kept me from even getting out to practice.
Maybe next time :)

In troth,

Eirikr inn Svarti Grimsson (Erik the Black) Marshal Reporting

Loch Solleir:
We did have a couple of practices (October 8th and November
5th) at Dale O'Shaughnessy's home with Dale and Ulsted
shooting target and Cateau shooting combat. Current plans are
to start holding regular practices the first Sunday of each month
at 2pm.

At Squires and Cadets,  December 1st-3rd, the range was opened
on Friday for IKAC shooting (the last day of the season).
Don Sebastian Frobishire (Archie Darr II) shot two rounds -
one open (246 total) and one period (202 total).

We re-opened the range after court on Saturday for practice
and ran the Loch championship at around 1:30 pm.  There were
12 total competitors, and several more shooters who didn't
enter, just practiced.  The competition was held tournament
style, archers competing directly against one opponent, high
score taking each point, 2 out of three points per match.  We
initially shot 6 arrows for each point and moved to farther
ranges with each succeeding point (1st at 20 yards, then 30,
then 40 (if necessary)).  In order to give the archers more
shooting, I decided to have the competition be double
elimination.  I think the archers appreciated it, but it made
the competition much longer, and we finished just as darkness
fell.  Don Sebastian was the victor in the end.

As of the next warrant roster, Dale O'Shaughnessy will
assume duties as archery marshal for the Loch.

Marshals Reporting:
Baron Ulsted the Unsteady
Lord Mahee of Acre

Stone Bridge Keep:

Awards and Honors:  Lord Wolfker der Jager currently hold's
our shire's Archery Championship - The Huntsman of the River
(our shire formerly known as the incipient Shire of
Rivertree). He did a good show at Squires 12/1-3/2000 making
it to the final four before being bested.

Myself, Gottfried Krimmelbein the Badgering Bard was
ultimately bested by both Don Zorcon and Master Geoff in round
1 and 2 respectively.

Our Archery practices are normally held on Saturday mornings
at 10 am. current weather patterns have prevented us from
shooting.  Weather its too wet or too hot Mother Nature
doesn't want us shooting outside.  We do not have an indoor

One thing we are thinking about is bow, arrow, tack making
on not so pleasant days.  Lord Gilli has graciously given
us his recipe for combat arrows and silhouettes.

So ends the 4th quarter.  Happy Holidays if one does indeed
to choose to celebrate a holiday or more.

Gottfried Krimmel Bein Marshal Reporting

Stargate / Gates Edge:

Stargate does not have regular archery practices but instead
encourages their archers to attend the Gates Edge practices.
Since the last quarterly report Stargate has chosen a new
Archery Champion at the Stargate Baronial. Lord Eadric Anstapa
was the marshal in charge Lord Fearghus MacKenna was the victor.

Gates Edge continues to have regularly scheduled archery
practices on a monthly basis and more frequently by appointment
with the marshals. Both Target Archery and ICAC style
archery with combat blunts shot at man-shaped targets are
shot at these practices.

Baroness Adelicia Brabent, the wife of the Gates Edge Marshal
Baron Talmon Wilbanks, remains hospitalized from a stroke
and the archers of Gates Edge miss her sorely.

Congratulations to the Stargate Marshal Francois La Flamme
who was made a peer is now a Master of the Pelican.

Lord Iaen Mor of Gates Edge serves as scorekeeper for the
Ansteorran Royal Rounds and is busy preparing for 2001.

Marshals Reporting:
Master Francois La Flamme
Baron Talmon Wilbanks
Lord Iaen Mor

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