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A Fee?  For a practice?  I are confused.  If there's no expense there's no need for a fee.  If the Camp is going to charge you a fee than you can either eat it or get the shire or participants to pay it.  But it's not an event in the category of a Defender or Tourney.  It's an event the same way your business meeting is a Calendar event or a Guild meeting.  Anyway,  We're going to bore people into leaving the list.  You have my e-mail if you want to talk about more mundane archery matters.

To the list I would like to pose a question.  Do you or the branches around you lack a marshal or the 'sanction' to hold archery practices and have archery at your events.  If so then please let me know.  I'm considering getting sanction for basic marshalling classes at AoB.  Take the class,  Run a few ranges until the Regional or Kingdom AM is comfortable with your style and ability to run a safe range, then get your card.  If there's enough interest then I will attempt to work my schedule so I can travel to your area and give you the opportunity to run/setup a range then speak for you to the Regional or Kingdom Marshal.

I watched Caelin on Andrede travel over half this kingdom acting as CIC for every event that asked until we could get more medics to share the load.  I just want to know if Archery needs the same treatment to get a marshal in every pot.. er Branch.

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>While it's not required as such by the IKAC, as you point out it is by the
>rules of the RR.  I had missed that.  Thanks.
>I don't think it will be a problem to get Middleford's blessings so the
>scores can count for the RR also.  Might as well get the most bang for the
>buck.  However; I'm affraid they will want to charge a gate fee for those
>blessings.  We'll talk about it tonight at populace meeting.  It would be
>what they call a noncalendar event. You know this could be interesting.
>Perhaps I could get them to pay the site fee too.  Say, instead of costing
>me about $100 to do one of these things, maybe I can get off for just my own
>site fee.  Hummmmmm,  I wonder.  Yeap, we'll have to talk about this, yes
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>There I go go quoting Corpora and Kingdom law when I can quote the rules
>listed on the RR site.
>For an official average in a division an archer must have at least one
>recorded score from an event sposored by a branch other than their local
>Okay,  it's not sponsered by Middleford but what is the the branch that's
>'sposering' <G> it.
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