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Well, my shoots are a bit more than just a practice.  I have the site rented
for 3 days.  We have full ranges set up for both IKAC and IKCAC.  We have a
GP Medium liner up for shade.  We set up a kitchen to cook the meat for the
potluck and to cook breakfast for those who stay Saturday night.  We also
make the site avaliable if folks want to do war prep things.  Usually, they
cost about $100 to do.

However, I have cought a break here lately.  The office on Fort Hood that
handles the Camp changed.  And while they are figuring out what they want to
do, the sites been free.  But that can't last much longer.  Mainly, I think,
because they are building a bath house with showers, hot water and flush
toilets.  I dorve by last Friday.  The walls are about 8 ft tall and they
have several door frames up.  Maybe it will be ready for our shoot next
month.  That would be nice.

I talked to HL Louise, she's our Sheneschal, she's all for stamping it
Middleford and letting go as usuall.  But she wants me to bring it up at
populace tonight.  


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A Fee?  For a practice?  I are confused.  If there's no expense there's no
need for a fee.  If the Camp is going to charge you a fee than you can
either eat it or get the shire or participants to pay it.  But it's not an
event in the category of a Defender or Tourney.  It's an event the same way
your business meeting is a Calendar event or a Guild meeting.  Anyway,
We're going to bore people into leaving the list.  You have my e-mail if you
want to talk about more mundane archery matters.

To the list I would like to pose a question.  Do you or the branches around
you lack a marshal or the 'sanction' to hold archery practices and have
archery at your events.  If so then please let me know.  I'm considering
getting sanction for basic marshalling classes at AoB.  Take the class,  Run
a few ranges until the Regional or Kingdom AM is comfortable with your style
and ability to run a safe range, then get your card.  If there's enough
interest then I will attempt to work my schedule so I can travel to your
area and give you the opportunity to run/setup a range then speak for you to
the Regional or Kingdom Marshal.

I watched Caelin on Andrede travel over half this kingdom acting as CIC for
every event that asked until we could get more medics to share the load.  I
just want to know if Archery needs the same treatment to get a marshal in
every pot.. er Branch.

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