ARCH - Royal Huntsman

Harry C. Billings psobaka at
Wed Apr 4 17:08:28 PDT 2001

you get about two dozen honor points from me for your stand. If you add 50
cents to that you can get a cup of coffe.

>  If Don Sebastian cannot attend the Royal Huntsman Tourney, through no fault 
>or choice of his own, then neither shall I.  If the current Royal Huntsman 
>had no say in when and where the next Huntsman would be chosen, I would be 
>ashamed to shoot for the title.  The chance of winning a title means far less 
>to me than does keeping faith with a friend and fellow archer.
>        With Humble Regrets,
>       Lord Robert of Yorkshire
Plachoya Sobaka insignificant archer; Ravens Fort, Kingdom of Ansteorra

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