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Harry C. Billings psobaka at
Wed Apr 4 17:13:35 PDT 2001

And that come from the TOP down. I won't go any farther onto that bridge
than that. My feeling on the mater have been stated befor.

>Before this subject gets turned into another flame war let me make a
>comment. While I regret that Don Sebastian will not be able to attend, the
>time and place for the selection of a Royal Champion is at the "sole"
>discretion of the Crown. I realize that this tourney is not going to make
>the BlackStar, this also is regrettable, but this reign is 3 months old and
>it is time. I would just remind you that the standing King and Queens
>Champions do not chose when and where there successor is chosen, if we want
>to be treated equally, why should be so arrogant as to think we should have
>that privilege. It has fallen to others to try to keep this honor going
>because as of yet it has not got momentum of it's own. I will not stand by
>and let this chance falter. In this case the good of the many out weighs the
>good of the few.
>This missive is not intended to hurt anyone's feelings, but this positions
>deserves more respect. I speak these words not as Kingdom Archery Marshal,
>but as an Ansteorrean archer.
>Fearghus MacKenna
Plachoya Sobaka insignificant archer; Ravens Fort, Kingdom of Ansteorra

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