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An injustice?  I'm not so sure.  At least not a total injustice.  It seems
that there are those among us who are substantially less than satisfied with
the status quo.  While it also appears that there are those who seem
perfectly happy with the way things are.  As long as we go along with every
thing, that's just how things will continue to go.  At what point does the
Bulls--- flag get run up the flagpole?

Now I can understand, this has been a busy reign, with the war and all.
Things sometimes get missed.  But at what point does it go from just being
missed to being forgotten.

Compromise is how things get done in the world.  But why is it the archery
community is always the one that must do the bending over?

No one in this game has more power over me than I want them to have.  That
hold true for every last one of us, including the Crown.

So, who is the one to blame for this sorted state of affairs?  We all are.
Think about that one for awhile.


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Lord Robert;

    Your dedication to our friendship is truly noteworthy.  It is greatly
appreciated.  However, you would be doing the archery community an injustice
if you do not compete.  I was looking forward to you being the next Royal
Huntsman.  I am honored at the stand you are making, please do not allow the
decision of others to prevent you from competing.   As I said before the
Crown has the final say on these matters and we must support their

In Service

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>   If Don Sebastian cannot attend the Royal Huntsman Tourney, through no
> or choice of his own, then neither shall I.  If the current Royal Huntsman
> had no say in when and where the next Huntsman would be chosen, I would be
> ashamed to shoot for the title.  The chance of winning a title means far
> to me than does keeping faith with a friend and fellow archer.
>         With Humble Regrets,
>        Lord Robert of Yorkshire
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