ARCH - Royal Huntsman baron at
Thu Apr 5 05:52:40 PDT 2001

Galen here...

I would like to say this about the Royal Huntsman 

Elfsea is pleased and proud to host Ansteorra's finest 
archers, and those who would prove so.

I don't dispute that the timing of this could have been 
planned better.  However...

This competition is considered an important part of 
this event, and will be positioned in a highly visible 
location.  The firing line will be approximately as 
close to the royal thrones as will be the fighting 
fields.  Lord Timothy and the organizers of this 
tourney intend for it to be a fully enjoyable time for 

So I hope you will come and enjoy the welcome that 
Elfsea offers.

- Galen of Bristol
Baron of Elfsea

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