ARCH - Kingdom Law???

Dewart, Charles R. --G3 Contractor (Anteon Corp) Charles.Dewart at
Thu Apr 5 05:07:10 PDT 2001

In pursueing this thing for the RR I had a little buzzing in the back of my
head.  Is this the current way this is in the Kingdom Law?

An Local Calendar Event shall be defined as a gathering sponsored by an
officially recognized branch of the Kingdom which is not listed on the
Official Kingdom Calendar of Events in the Kingdom newsletter but which has
been listed in advance in a newsletter of an officially recognized branch,
in which the date, time, and place have been published, and which has one or
more duly warranted officers of the sponsoring branch present and
responsible for the conduct of the event. 

By the way this is written, even if the sponsoring group has 15 marshals, if
a warrented officer (MOC would do) isn't there it's not an event.  Even I as
a Regional or even Feargus as the Kingdom officer wouldn't do because
neither of us are an officer of the sponsoring group.


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