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Remember that warranting changed recently a little over six moths ago to
accommodate this.

ALL Archery Marshals are now warranted officers and therefore can fulfill
the requirement of having a warranted officer present.

In the past only the Local Marshals were warranted.  The others marshals
were just called At-Large Marshals and were not listed on the warrant

Now, all marshals are listed on the warrant roster.  The Marshallate warrant
roster is a pretty big thing considering it has all the marshals for
Chivalric, Rapier, Equestrian, Siege, Archery, etc.

For the Archery portion of the roster all Local and Regional officers are
listed with their names, address, phone, and emails.  Then every marshal is
also listed again  either/or/both as a "Target Archery Supervising Marshal"
which is what must be present to hold any target archery or a  "Combat
Archery Authorizing Marshal" which is what must be present to hold any
combat archery.

These changes and titles were adopted back when Kief made the announcement
about the warranted marshal being present and it was explained to all of the
Regionals at that time and they were all asked  for roster updates.  The
system above was adopted and put it place and new auth cards were printed
with the appropriate Archery checkboxes on them

Regional Marshals get a copy of the Roster warrant about 2 weeks before each
Crown or Coronation and are asked for updates and changes to the roster.
Then they get a completed copy with all the changes as it was signed.    It
is the responsibility of the Regional to then pass this warrant information
down to the marshals in his/her region so that they know they are warranted.

I am a Marshal and from Gates Edge.  I essence we hold THREE warranted
offices because I am listed three times on the warrant roster.  First, I am
the warranted Coastal Regional Marshal and this does not stop me from being
from Gates Edge or prevent me from also being  a warranted Target Archery
Supervising Marshal, and finally a Combat Archery Authorizing Marshal.
Gilli your situation and that of the other Regionals and of Fearghus is the

In Service,

Lord Eadric Anstapa
Coastal Regional Archery Marshal, Ansteorra
eadric at

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> In pursueing this thing for the RR I had a little buzzing in the back of
> head.  Is this the current way this is in the Kingdom Law?
> An Local Calendar Event shall be defined as a gathering sponsored by an
> officially recognized branch of the Kingdom which is not listed on the
> Official Kingdom Calendar of Events in the Kingdom newsletter but which
> been listed in advance in a newsletter of an officially recognized branch,
> in which the date, time, and place have been published, and which has one
> more duly warranted officers of the sponsoring branch present and
> responsible for the conduct of the event.
> By the way this is written, even if the sponsoring group has 15 marshals,
> a warrented officer (MOC would do) isn't there it's not an event.  Even I
> a Regional or even Feargus as the Kingdom officer wouldn't do because
> neither of us are an officer of the sponsoring group.
> ???????
> Gilli

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