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>community does.  They already plan to be in attendance 
>at Academy of the Bow.
I'm glad to hear they received my invitation.  I did my best to speak 
foresoothly. :)  I'm glad also that things are falling into place to 
make for an interesting day for anyone, instead of just the archers.  
The last thing I want to do is bore the Heirs to the Throne.

>But I haven't checked with Wilim or Fearghus, and so I 
>don't know what people -- including the autocrat of the 
>event and the Kingdom Archery Marshal -- think about 
>One obvious drawback is that means that one Royal 
>Huntsman will serve for only just over two months from 
>Spring Faire until Coronation.  Another drawback is 
>whatever size monkeywrench it'll throw into the class 
>schedule at AoB; I don't have any idea how big a 
>problem that is.

The shedule of events (It stopped being called a class schedule almost 
immediately.) is not set in stone.  Actually we have several things 
that will occur but I'm avoiding setting things with times until I have 
a full picture of the weekend's events.

Since I've volunteered to travel through the Kingdom giving classes on 
Marshaling and Archery in general I've gotten many responses from the 
North and it appears we'll probably have a better Northern 
Representation at AoB than we might have otherwise so any Kingdom level 
competitions would probably have a better Kingdom Representation.

As to what the Royal Hunstman at that time thinks of the issue.  <G>  
Speaking as the person who's going to win, As long as you let me 
compete for the title again at AOB it's not a problem. ;)

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