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The idea of selecting someone based upon a melee event as the Archer 
General does not mean that we would acquire an individual who could 
effective lead a large group nor work with other units in the over large 
picture of such an event as Gulf War.  At the moment, I do not have 
alternative to selecting someone either. But would need to give this 
some thought. One of the requirements in the back of my mind is how well 
would this individual know melee and battlefield tactics and understand 
the difference between shieldwall tactics vs flanking, rather than just 
being able to shoot well!

Michael of the Fray
Hammer of the Eye

Mills, Scott wrote:

>> I don't know about the first Huntsman shoot, I was in a kitchen at the
> time.
>> But it seemed to me that most of the "crowd" that watched the Huntsman
> shoot
>> at Ravensfort was us- the archers shooting it.  The Crown came down for
> the
>> semi finals and finals.
>> Unless the archery is the main focus of the event with nothing else going
> on
>> like at last years Elfsea Defender, there's not going to be a big crowd.
>> And when the shoot was over the rush of the wind from folks going to the
>> next attraction nearly took my eye broughs with it.  ;)
> I think this will be addressed with time.  All of the past Royal Huntsman
> events have just been sorta cobbled on to existing events with VERY short
> notice.  Most people didn't know that the Royal Huntsman tourney was taking
> place until the got to the event and I bet even then many did not know it
> was taking place.  Planning further into the future, proper advertisement,
> and getting heralds to make frequent announcements at the events will help.
> Notice how at tourneys like Crown and Queens Champion or any other champion
> tourney for that matter how the watching crowd swells in the final rounds.
> In the whole tournament can not be held when nothing else is going on, at
> least hold the final round when nothing else is going on and announce it and
> give people time to come down to the archery range.
>> The format I suggested was just a thought that would flow with the event
>> holding the shoot.  If you want a tourney that is like what folks expect a
>> tourney to be, then there is only one choice.  And that is an archer's
> duel.
>> Actually, a head up archer's duel, archers in armor shooting at each
> other,
>> with a list mistress, heralds and marshals the whole nine yards.  Cup
> shots
>> are "real" crowd pleaser. :)  You even get to do best deaths.  Only
> problem
>> is most groups don't have enough netting to protect the populace from the
>> stray combat arrows.  A 2 out of 3 single elim should take too long.
> No offense but I don't like this either.  Despite the netting and safety
> issues for the watching crowd it immediately eliminates people who are not
> combat archers.
> It is also not what I think of when I think of an Archery Competition.  I
> immediately think of Price John and the Sheriff of Nottingham who sought to
> draw Robin Hood out into the open by hosting an archery competition and
> offering a golden arrow as the prize.  I envision the prince and his
> entourage along with the Sheriff and of course Maid Marian all seated under
> a pavilion watching and waiting as each arrow flew down range towards the
> butts.  I imagine the Archers dressed in their finest praying that their aim
> is true and that they will win the Golden Arrow which was surely worth a
> fortune.
> I do think we should encourage combat archery and I do like the idea of
> having two separate Archery Titles.  We already do it for Chivalric Weapons.
> We have the Kings Champion And the Kingdom Warlord.  Why not have the Royal
> Huntsman and the Ansteorran Archer General?  The Archer General could be
> chosen at some Melee event like three kings where there was combat archery
> taking place like Bordermarch Melees, Three Kings, etc.   The Archer General
> duties would include coordination of Archery efforts and tactics for War.
> Perhaps even at that point mebbe we consider selecting the Archer General in
> the spring shortly after Gulf War so that they have time to prepare for
> nearly a year for War.
> Then the Huntsman can be selected once a year in the Fall.
> Just Some thoughts,
> Eadric
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