ARCH - Royal Huntsman at AoB

Harry C. Billings psobaka at
Sat Apr 7 05:33:17 PDT 2001

I stand corrected.

>The Royal Huntsman was not created to promote IKAC. His Excellancy Drake
>chose IKAC as the first tourney because he wanted Ansteorra to have more
>scores. The Royal Huntsman was created to provide a venue to promote archery
>and in my opinion a way to recognize archers in this Kingdom. I am sorry to
>say this, while the IKAC is a noble shoot and competition it is not the end
>all to archery in this Kingdom. It is not the driving force for competition
>and it is not necessarilly the way to measure who the best archers in this
>Kingdom are. The best archers in this Kingdom are the ones that support our
>endevor and promote and teach. They are the ones that strive to be the best
>that they can and work to make this enjoyable for all involved. The best
>archers in this Kingdom are the ones that take the time to work with our
>children on the range to ensure that our activity has a future. Now it so
>happens that some of the best archers in this Kingdom are the ones that can
>place alot of arrows in the gold, but that is not all that goes in to being
>an Ansteorran Archer. Again this is my opinion and not necessarily the
>opinion of the managment.
Plachoya Sobaka insignificant archer; Ravens Fort, Kingdom of Ansteorra

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