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Sat Apr 7 06:16:28 PDT 2001

  If Plachoya's opinion is worth "50 cents", then mine is worth considerably 
less, but I have to agree with the folks that are opposed to a tournament 
based on an IKAC round. For a group of 12 to 15 archers to shoot a full and 
proper IKAC would be a rather tedious process for archers and spectators 
alike.  Eadric and some of the others are on the right trail.  A tournament 
should have the kind of excitement and pageantry that will draw spectators 
and hold them in rapt attention.  The animal shoot we did at Raven's Fort 
Defender was one of the funner shoots I've participated in, that fox at 40 
yards was a real booger.  In my humble opinion we should all work hard to 
bring up our IKAC scores for the ongoing "tournament" our kingdom is 
participating in.  But, whenever and wherever we hold a no-kidding tournament 
it should be novel, it should be fun, and it should test the skill of our 
archers while precluding the possibility of winning by sheer luck.

         In Service,
Lord Robert of Yorkshire
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