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>Could you detail some of the circumstances that you are aware of that led
>to the bounce back injuries?
>I am not a combat archer, but from where I sit, it would appear to me that
>bounce back injuries can only occur when there is another fighter in close
>proximity to the target that is facing away from the archer, ergo. is fully
>engaged in hand-to-hand combat with the target.  If this is the case, then
>the solution may be a change in training rather than a change in equipment.

The assumtion is partially correct.  The fighters have to be within about 15 feet of each other.  It's not correct in the assumption that they have to be facing each other.  Once a combat arrow is loosed all control is lost.  After impact it can begin to cartwheel and fly off in just about any direction dpending on the angle of the hit,  the way the foam compresses, (which depends on the existing compression from the taping) and dozens of other factors.  I have shot arrows at my brick house from minimum range and had them fly straight back and continue for 5 to ten yards.  

Bounceback is alomst completely random.  While not shooting into the press would help the problem it would make CA near impotent.  It's designed for shooting into a group of people.  One Fighter can fairly easily dodge the fire from a single archer.  And we're already outnumbered.  Putting Two archers on a fighter happens but I don't want to be limited to always having to double up.

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