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The odds are astronomical.  Let's ask the real question though.  There are 1000 fighters out there and 5% of them are carrying weapons that can blind you and have come close in the past.  Do you go on the field, stay off the field or just get rid of the 5%?

The simple fact of the matter is that no matter what the odds they did happen and I've already mentioned enough as to what choices we're being given to make sure they don't happen again.  The SCA used to have punch daggers and Warboards (shields with Thrusting tips)  ONE person got thier heart bruised and they were banned.  You don't think their serious about 3 people coming close to being blinded?


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>Anyone out there really good in math?
>We had, say as a SWAG, 6000 arrows and bolts flying around out there.
>And I guess,what, 500 folks on the field.
>So what is the percenage chance each one of those 3 injuries had of
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