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Wed Apr 11 12:22:05 PDT 2001

OK, I see three problems we're having right now with 
the Royal Huntsman title:

RH is chosen too late in reign.  As it stands, the RH 
for the current reign will be chosen only two months 
prior to the end of the reign.  The rapier folks would 
never allow that to happen to the Queen's Champion.  
Their method to prevent this happening is to simply 
take charge of scheduling the event so that it always 
happens within a month or so after a Coronation.  This 
is not something the Crown does; the rapier community 
takes care of it.  The archers must take similar 
responsibility for RH.  The sooner, the better, I think.

RH doesn't get enough mainstream attention.  Unlike 
Queen's, the RH competition probably won't support its 
own event, at least not yet.  But piggybacking it onto 
another event means it gets eclipsed by longer-
established traditions.  We won't be able to do it at 
most Coronations.  But if we can do the competition 
shortly _prior_ to Coronation, we can have the winner 
invested as part of the Coronation ceremony, like the 
King's Champion.  If we can do it regularly, it can 
become Tradition.

RH competition keeps happening in Central.  The two of 
the first three RH competitions were (or will be) held 
in the Central Region.  The next one should be outside 
the Central Region.

It seems to me that the _ideal_ solution, addressing 
all these problems, is to hold the RH competition at 
Sundered Shield II, the week prior to Coronation.

Unfortunately, most of the hard-core archers will be at 
AoB that weekend.

No realistic solution addresses all these problems for 
the coming reign.

I suggest holding RH at AoB in Elfsea, and then 
promising ourselves to find good RH sites in other 
regions for at least the next three.  Ideally, this 
should be in December or January, in my opinion; that 
is, not too soon to start planning now.  (Why _not_ 
have the next three RH's planned before the next _one_ 
is shot?)

I can tell you that Their Highnesses like this idea, 
but they don't want to fly in the face of what the 
archers want.

Eadric, can we make this compromise?  Can you get a 
December or January bid in your area?  (Coastal is more 
likely to have better weather than the rest of us that 
time of year, too.)

- Galen

Quoting Eadric Anstapa <eadric at>:

> I'll agree than under normal circumstances AOB might 
not be a bad place to 
> hold a Royal Hunstman Tourney.
> However at this point that would mean that three of 
the first four Royal 
> Huntsman Tourneys would have neen held in the Central 
Region with two of
> them 
> in Elfsea.  Lets move it around a bit.  How about 
looking for some place in
> the Northern, Western, or Coastal Regions?  There ARE 
bids being submitted 
> from Coastal Region groups.
> Also, AoB wil lfollow kinda close to Spring Faire.  
It would be nice to
> wait 
> until later in the fall.  There are lots of events in 
September, October
> that 
> can host the shoot.  Please get out there an 
encourage your groups to
> submit 
> bids.
> Regards,
> -- 
> Lord Eadric Anstapa
> Coastal Regional Archery MArshal, Ansteorra
> eadric at
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