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> OK, I see three problems we're having right now with
> the Royal Huntsman title:
> RH is chosen too late in reign.  ...  The sooner, the better,
> I think.
> RH doesn't get enough mainstream attention.  ...If we can
> do it regularly, it can become Tradition.
> RH competition keeps happening in Central.  The two of
> the first three RH competitions were (or will be) held
> in the Central Region.  The next one should be outside
> the Central Region

I agree with all of this but the rest of the message leaves me well...

It is not that I am against holding a Royal Huntsman at AoB  it is just that
I would prefer to wait again until the fall.  Just select the RH annually
and do it in the fall.  There are LOTS of events that can accommodate it.
Looking at the calendar you can see many likely places.  The * indicate
events outside Central and Southern Region since those regions have already

*31-2 Gothic War - Western Region
*Wasteland Defender - Wastelands
*7-9 Stargate Baronial - Stargate
14-16 Defender of the Fort - Raven's Fort
*Mooneschadowe Guardian XXI
21-23 Elfsea Defender
28-30 Bryn Gwlad Baronial
*Wiesenfeuer Baronial

*12-14 Namron Protectorate - Namron
Warchieftain/Cavalier of the Bridge - Middleford
*Battle of the Pines - Greywood
19-21 Bjornsborg Baronial

November 2001
29-1 Central Regional Tribute - Central Region

I threw out 3 Kings and Bordermarch Melees because they are Melee events and
might not lend themselves well to an Archery tourney but they could also be
a possibility.  All of these dates would still be in the reign of TRH.

Why the fall?  Well, lets work with the Royals NOW and plan to annually
select an Archer General starting next Spring/Summer.  Perhaps we do it at
the same time we select Kingdom Warlord.  Heck, we might even be able to do
it this summer at Warlord the second weekend in June.

I remain,

Lord Eadric Anstapa
Coastal Regional Archery Marshal, Ansteorra
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