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Brown Chass dwarvenhome at
Wed Apr 11 20:07:46 PDT 2001

You know we can sit here bantying things back and
forth and make no progress and let the SEM dictate to
us how we can play or we could propose some actual
viable answers to the problem. Just like the lady who
broke her leg in the planking.. well are they going to
nix the planking at gulf wars?? Ok so they are picking
on us and wont let us suggest things like wearing a
eye shield inside the helm because the HW community
wont like it. I fight both and well frankly there has
to be some idea that wont affect the distance and
somewhat accuracy and archer has to protect against
bounce back.. like stiff feathers... or something
along those lines. Well i have put in my little
suggestion.. :) ignore me if ya can lol.

Charinthalis Del Sans Armorer Extrodinare

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