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Wed Apr 11 17:28:09 PDT 2001

Try ing to soot at an opposing fighter while he is looking at you is an
exercise in exercise, if he is futher than 15 feet away you have about 1
chance in 100 of hitting him under our combat archery rules.

>3.  Is the act of archers firing into melees period?  I was under the
>impression that archers on both sides fired arrows at the opposing army
>during the charge phase of a battle, and refrained from firing into melee
>combat to avoid hitting men on their own side.  Granted there were the lords
>who opened fire regardless, but here's my thinking....A bounce-back injury
>is an accident, and accidents are more likely to occur when a person's
>attention is focused elsewhere (ie melee).  Now, if we grant archers a
>combat phase prior to melee, the heavy fighters will be able to focus their
>attention on protecting themselves from arrows, thereby reducing (not
>eliminating) bounce-back injuries.  Granted ricocheted, spinning arrows may
>cause some injury, but I think the risk is reduced if the targets are
>focused more on the arrows coming at them than their enemy's sword.  Then,
>when the melee combatants reach a designated distance from one another, or
>the first swords are swung, a marshall can call out for archers to cease
>fire.  Then if they wish, they can dispose of their bow, grab up a sword and
>charge in to aid their comrades.   Now when attacking a structure housing
>archers, the archery phase could end when the structure is breeched, or the
>first swords are swung.  These are just my ramblings, but the premise of my
>idea is that if those on the receiving end of an arrow aren't distracted by
>melee, injury risk is reduced, and I think this idea is more in keeping with
>maintaining period archery.
>Best regards,
>Alden Drake
>Barony of Stagate
Plachoya Sobaka insignificant archer; Ravens Fort, Kingdom of Ansteorra

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