ARCH - History repeat itself

Harry C. Billings psobaka at
Wed Apr 11 17:23:01 PDT 2001

I belive that it is two or more things we have run out of time, the averages
have cought up with us. We also have more archers shooting more arrows so
there is a greater probability of some one getting hit in the eye. This is
some thing that was bound to happen it just happened to happen to us at GW X.

>Almost 22 years ago, I fought in my first war.  It had 
>combat archery, though that was still a novelty at the 
>time.  I've been active in the SCA ever since.  I have 
>NOT been seeing these kinds of problems all along.  Why 
>is that?  
>Combat archery is not new.  So what's changed that 
>we're beginning to see this sort of problem?  It seems 
>to me that answering this question should be a 
>prerequisite for taking action, lest our action prove 
>- Galen of Bristol
Plachoya Sobaka insignificant archer; Ravens Fort, Kingdom of Ansteorra

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