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Thu Apr 12 06:34:36 PDT 2001

Scott Powers wrote:

> The story about the McDonalds coffee has turned into an urban legend to the
> point that people are quoting all kinds of things about it.
> One of my lawyers read up on that case and had this to say.
> As reported in the news, McDonalds did get a judgement against them for a
> little over 2 million dollars for coffee that was too hot.  However, the
> size of the judgement was later overturned on appeal and was changed to a
> vastly lower amount.  I don't know the exact figure, but I think it was
> around $100,000.

Honestly, I don't care if the judgement was for 13 cents, it was a
judgement against a company because they sell hot coffee that someone
improperly held and spilled on themselves, then thought it was the
company's fault for making the coffee too hot.

> As for liability, the coffee _really_was_ too hot.  It
> was far hotter than comparable machines in other McDonalds, and that
> particular store had been warned several times to lower the temperature of
> the coffee.  They did not comply.  Hence the liability.

News flash to coffee drinkers: coffee is made by soaking ground up
coffee beans in scalding hot water. Not only could someone reasonably
expect it to still be scalding hot when they buy it, but they will gripe
if it's not.
However, this is not about archery ;)

The actual thrust of my posting was not about things outside the SCA,
but rather how my vision of honor would prevent me from even considering
a suit against anyone because an errand arrow took out an eye because
nothing in the melee situation was intended to harm.

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