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Scott Powers spowers at
Thu Apr 12 10:21:52 PDT 2001

>However, this is not about archery ;)

Actually it was.  It was in response to a previous post about the legal
ramifications of an archery injury, and the likelihood of an individual
getting sued as a result of it.

>The actual thrust of my posting was not about things outside the SCA,
>but rather how my vision of honor would prevent me from even considering
>a suit against anyone because an errand arrow took out an eye because
>nothing in the melee situation was intended to harm.

Your vision of honor is much like everyone's else's vision of honor
regarding lawsuits.  My point being that such lawsuits are unlikely and

Consider a hypothetical lawsuit.  You and I are sitting on a jury in which
a Civil War Reenactment participant is sued by another for personal injury
due to a combat related injury.  The second participant was playing within
the rules as far as we could tell.  But well, accidents happen.  Would you
award damages to the plaintiff?  I don't think I would.  That kind of
lawsuit requires a jury, which around here means ordinary people like you
and me.  My vision of honor would prevent me from awarding damages to the
plaintiff because there is a reasonable expectation and understanding that,
however unlikely, you can get hurt playing this game.  Kind of like
football or other contact sports.  Anybody could sue anybody, but nobody

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