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Thu Apr 19 16:17:50 PDT 2001

Yeap.  Except it wasn't just our Kingdom.  That rule is society wide.  Nasty
thought deleted here.  :)  Another nasty thought remove here.  :)   OH, yes,
and one more over here. Dosen't leave much of a reply, dose it? <G>


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> Gilli,
> I read all the postings on the list regarding the combat archery
> question.  There were a number of things I noticed about this.
> 1) There was no broadcast from the SEM prior to making his decision.
> Everything on the list was second or third hand.  On an issue of such
> importance, it is my feeling that the SEM should have made a kingdom wide
> announcement delineating the issue(s) to be addressed including an
> address for such concerns to be forwarded to.
> 2) Combat arrows are difficult to control under current rules and will be
> impossible to control under the rules effective August 1, 2001.  Also,
> they are the death knell for combat crossbows.  It will be impossible to
> use the new mandate for crossbows currently in use.  To use the combat
> bolts under the new rules will require a special crossbow designed and
> used for combat purposes only.  This will be cost prohibitive for most of
> us.
> 3) A much simpler solution would be adding screening or lexan to the
> helms currently in use.  A cost of less than $5.00 would not only prevent
> injuries from bounce back but from sticks, rocks and other dangers as
> well.
> 4) I hate to say it but it would appear that the archery community must
> arbitrarily correct something without looking for any other, simpler
> solutions,  Apparently we must NOT ask the other participants on the
> field to do anything considerate for the archery participants.
> It appears to me that this ruling is arbitrary and much to the delight of
> the fighters will, in effect, kill the sport of combat archery.  At least
> we can still shoot static archery and have tournaments until they decide
> that is too dangerous too.  See you at the bonfire.
> In service to the dream,
> Nuala of Arkham

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