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A couple of notes in response to your message.

1.  You are correct about the crossbow.  With the currently approved designs
virtually every crossbow in this kingdom will be in trouble.  That's why
every crossbow archer out there needs to be thinking of an alternative
nock-end safety device that will work in current crossbows and the work with
the marshallate to get it approved.

2.  I agree that the SEMs decision was made too hastily and I know our
Kingdom Archery Marshal and likely our Earl Marshal agree.  We were NOT
given the time to come up with alternatives that the SEM had indicated that
we would have.  We thought we would have till July to come up with
alternatives and that the SEM would make a decision in August not have
something in effect in by August.

As far as broadcast is concerned, it has been discussed between the various
kingdom Earl Marshals and their direct deputies.  Lord Fearghus and Sir
Wilhelm spoke with the archery marshallate at  Red Tape and directed us to
start taking action and to spread the word and rally the troops to start
looking for alternatives.  Unfortunately that has been barely a month and it
is doubtful that all of the marshals have had the time to speak with their
local archers.

3.  Yep, a Lexan face shield on every fighter would do it and so would
safety glasses/goggles.  It aint gunna happen.

4.  It isn't the death of combat archery.  Other kingdoms have required some
sort of bulbous nock for a while and God forbid there are those Goof Tube
kingdoms out there.  Combat Archery still lives.  There are more creative
and talented people in the SCA than nearly any other organization you will
find.  I am convinced that if we pull together we can work through this and
come up even better alternatives in time.  If anything it has the potential
of bringing CA to kingdoms where it is currently not allowed and perhaps the
Goof Tube kingdoms will now allow fiberglass shafted arrows with an APD.

In the mean time, as Gilli has suggested write a letter to the BOD, SEM, and
SAM and let them know what you think. Try to stay constructive.  I wrote
one, I got a reply.

In Service,

Lord Eadric Anstapa
Coastal Regional Archery Marshal, Ansteorra
eadric at

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> Gilli,
> I read all the postings on the list regarding the combat archery
> question.  There were a number of things I noticed about this.
> 1) There was no broadcast from the SEM prior to making his decision.
> Everything on the list was second or third hand.  On an issue of such
> importance, it is my feeling that the SEM should have made a kingdom wide
> announcement delineating the issue(s) to be addressed including an
> address for such concerns to be forwarded to.
> 2) Combat arrows are difficult to control under current rules and will be
> impossible to control under the rules effective August 1, 2001.  Also,
> they are the death knell for combat crossbows.  It will be impossible to
> use the new mandate for crossbows currently in use.  To use the combat
> bolts under the new rules will require a special crossbow designed and
> used for combat purposes only.  This will be cost prohibitive for most of
> us.
> 3) A much simpler solution would be adding screening or lexan to the
> helms currently in use.  A cost of less than $5.00 would not only prevent
> injuries from bounce back but from sticks, rocks and other dangers as
> well.
> 4) I hate to say it but it would appear that the archery community must
> arbitrarily correct something without looking for any other, simpler
> solutions,  Apparently we must NOT ask the other participants on the
> field to do anything considerate for the archery participants.
> It appears to me that this ruling is arbitrary and much to the delight of
> the fighters will, in effect, kill the sport of combat archery.  At least
> we can still shoot static archery and have tournaments until they decide
> that is too dangerous too.  See you at the bonfire.
> In service to the dream,
> Nuala of Arkham

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